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Arrest Diamond’s Sister For Abortion, husband tells govt

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By Steve Osaka

After walking down the aisle with Businessman Msizwa in a colorful wedding,Diamond Sister Esma Khan walked out of the matrimony barely in three months citing lack of love.

And now her Ex husband  Msizwa is calling upon the Tanzanian authorities to lock her up and charge her for terminating her pregnancy which was barely three months old.

Esma had cooked her own goose by revealing in an Instagram post how she was about to terminate the pregnancy to the utter shock of Msizwa who has vowed to make her pay for her sins.

Tanzanian law outlaws abortion.

Netizens fired at Esma whom looked unperturbed for her actions.

They described her as taking a bad route like her Brother-The Wasafi Boss who doesn’t last in a relationship. Compiled by steve Osaka.


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