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  • Residents residents condemns use of police in curbing alcoholism
  • DP Gachagua firm on ending alcoholism

Section of Mount Kenya residents have opposed the manner in which the on-going crack-down  on illicit brews and alcoholism is being carried out in the region.Those who spoke to Ghetto Radio News says the crack down is a political venture that will not result into any positive goal  that will reduce alcoholism in Central Kenya.They feel threatened and harassed by local administrators and police spearheading the crackdowns.

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Hiyo mambo ya Dp Gachagua kusema anataka kumaliza pombe Mount Kenya number one ni siasa number two so many youths are jobless especially wale wa mashambani and small towns, they must create job opportunities for those drunkards so that when they come out of those dens they have something to do ..because when you are idle you can do anything. when you have something to do do you will be busy. Hauna time ya kuenda kunywa pombe na hata kama unafanya hivyo itakua kwa kiwango cha chini kwa sababu una job ya kufanya.So lazima waone vile wanawatutafutia  kazi si kukam na threats mob hapa na pale hiyo haitawork.

Kiambu County Youth

They have called on the government to initiate better polices in curbing the alcoholism menace.

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I witnessed vile beshte yangu alipigwa akipatikana kwa pombe,yaani watu wanapigwa watu wanakuwa roughed up then wanachukuliwa na kupelekwa stenje wengine wanachargiwa 3K na wamepatikana na pombe ya chini ya so mbili I mean huwezi maliza pombe na kifua wakam ground watafute stakeholder wainitiate zile policies ziko kama za Nacada and most important thing ni kuengage mayut wetu Kuhusu kusaree madree la sivyo hakuna changes mtaona Mt Kenya ata Uhunye alijaribu.

Ruaka resident

Kiambu county has been flagged as one of the most affected by alcoholism.

DP Gachagua Directive

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua  directed the national government administrators at the county levels  to crack down on illicit liquor and deal decisively with the perpetrators.

According to Gachagua  Central Kenya is now an area of  of concern, also called on the county governments to regulate the issuance of licenses for bars and pubs, saying consumption of illicit liquor has reached worrying ruining the generations to come.

Lets issue Bar and restaurant license in towns and not every outlet and the counties must help us in this. Please county commissioners and police please do your job. Let us save our children, let us save the next generation.We shall not accept a situation where youths are being killed or become unproductive because of consumption of illicit alcohol. The administrators must eradicate alcoholism and drug abuse. The Ruto Administration will not negotiate on this unfortunate matter. All administrators must return to their jobs now as alcoholism is becoming a menace now and this situation must be dealt with decisively. Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

By Allan Otieno

April 25, 2023

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