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Arrow Boy’s 10 year old secret marriage Revealed


Musician Arrow boy has been exposed for dating Nadia Mukami while he is still married to a woman known as Fahima Faim.

According to a source of Edgar Obare, Arrow Boy’s alleged wife Fahima Faim is a saloonist and has been married to Arrow Bow for 10 years now.

The source also revealed that the two are still together and the woman has been posting Arrow Boy on heur Facebook page.

The last photo that the girl posted was when they were in Mombasa for a vacation.

However, Arrow boy in all the interviews has always said that he is single and has never been in any relationship before.

This expose comes hours after Arrow Boy and Nadia Mukami confessed that they have been dating and are tired of hiding.

Nadia said that they used to pretend as if they do not know each other yet they spend time together every day.

“This is no clout. I think people just don’t believe for the longest time. Mimi pia nimeanza kuzeeka you know I am 25 this year. Sometimes inafika age flani and you want to be proud of someone and you are like you need to build a future with someone. Ilikuwa inafika point tunaenda event na tunajifanya hatujuani yet tulilala kwa nyumba moja usiku,” wrote Nadia.

Arrow Bwoy with alleged secret wife Fahim PHOTO/EDGAR OBARE IG

Arrow Boy said that he fell in love with Nadia because she is hardworking and did the ‘radio love’ song even though he was sick.

“BTW for me nilikuwa nimeona msani mzuri amejituma, kidogo kidogo akasema anataka collabo. Nilikuwa mgonjwa kwa throat but I had to do it for this hard working girl,” said Arrow boy.

The two had been hiding their relationship and are on record stating that they could not date because the relationship could not work.

Do you think Arrow Boy is married?

By: Emmaline Owuor