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Artist Shares Her Horrific Rape Ordeal By Male Friend

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Salma Nyambura during her interview at Ghetto radio

An upcoming musician from from Nairobi has Salma Nyambura has shared her horrific experience of rape by a close male friend.

29 year old Salma says she as another friend watched after a fun  night out .

She says the police from Kibera police station refused to believe her story and chased her away. This in turn made her depressed plunging her into drugs.

Salma had gone out clubbing with two of his friend that fateful night, and when it was late night around 3am they decided to go to one of the friends house in Kibera.

As they were waiting for the morning hours one of the male colleague  jumped on top of her forcefully holding her neck and started raping her.

Salma  however managed to escape and found a stranger who took her to a police post in Kibera and they were chased away.

Later she went home and reported to her parents who took her to hospital.

Salma says she has however turned around her life and has indulged herself in music.





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