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Artist Vinka Kicks Male Fan During Tour


By Steve Osaka

Ugandan female artist Veronica Luggya popularly known as Vinka unleashed a double kick to a male fan who touched her private parts while performing in a concert in neighbouring South Sudan.

In a video shared widely on social media, the star struck fan is seen stretching his hands towards the artist’s pants to which the Singer retaliates with kicks in middle of her show.

Her handlers then step up swiftly in restraining the commotion as the ‘Chips and ketchup’ Singer goes ahead with her performance.

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It is common for fans to experience meltdowns in the presence of their favourite celebrities but the incident in Sudan seemed to have gone overboard.

There have been mixed reactions with some condemning the fan for his actions while others were of the opinion that the Singer was to blame for her skimpy dress code.

Incidents of fans going off on celebrities are quite common. Some have even ended up losing their valuables in such situations.

A few years ago during his Kenyan tour, Jamaican dancehall artist Sean Paul lost his jewelry when he came into close contact with a fan.