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Artists Changing Styles For Relevance, Hit or Miss


The music industry is a dynamic industry creating new Stars on a day to day basis, established artists have to keep up with the pace to stay afloat.

This has led some acts to either jump ship i.e from rapping to singing or from secular to gospel vice-versa in finding balance.

Rappers To Singers

Naiboi-He started as Rapdamu and rebranded to Naiboi, his earlier releases such as Good life, U Sud Know and Tuzichangate clearly define him then .He later found his footing in songs like No Problem, I Wanna Be and Two In One, cementing his place as reputable singer.

Otile Brown – Only a handful of people know Otile Brown as a rapper, it wasn’t until Otile switched to singing than he found his true self, with songs such as Mapenzi Hisia, Baby Love and Aiyana he ditched rapping and has never looked back. His track with hip hopper Vioxii Dede reveals the Nabayet Singer’s journey.

Secular To Gospel

We have sampled a few Star’s who were big as Secular artist’s but their popularity has waned overtime after joining the ministry.

Mr Googz– He was the talk of the town in the early 2000’s with Vinnie Banton with songs like ‘Wasee Tumetoka Githurai’ and ‘Fed Up’ after getting saved Googz has struggled to maintain his streak though he has continued to drop gospel tunes such as No more, Gospel Celebrity and Big up among others.

Cannibal-Teaming up with Sharama they were on everyone’s lips with ‘Street Hustler’, ‘Kichwa Kibov’ among others. Since he turned on a new leaf Cannibal is yet to find his grip like the yester years.

Amani – The former Singer at Ogopa Deejay’s was a leading singer with songs like Tonight,Bad Boy and Kiboko Changu after the switch to gospel not much has been heard from her despite her releasing gospel songs like Jina lake Yesu, Upendo among others.

Size 8-She remains as one who made the switch from secular to gospel and was able to maintain her grip on the industry.


Gospel To Secular

Willy Paul, Bahati and Weezdom are examples of Star’s who decamped from the ministry while at their peak,The Njiwa Singer and the Dear Ex Singer have found their footing though not much has been heard of Weezdom.


By Steve Osaka