ASAP Rocky has proven us wrong as he has shown to be a loving partner and father to his son as Rihanna gets ready for her Super Bowl Halftime show. The rapper now has to step up his parenting game while Rihanna is focusing on her highly anticipated show.

Rihanna has been preparing for her halftime show for months and wants it to be the most iconic performance.She geared up and got right to work after she received the call .She has been in the studio non stop ,in meetings, and working out to be in good shape to make sure she is fully prepared.

Rihanna previously disclosed that being a mother has changed her entire mentality on work and life in whole and her son has given her an even more and deeper meaning to her music.

Rocky has been a great support to Rihanna while she is focusing on her work and helping her in every way he can.

A$AP has been very supportive through Riri’s preparation and has really been on the top of his parenting game while she has been busy with rehearsals.ASAP rocky and their baby boy are planning to be there to support her during her big day.

By Denzel S. Ondijo

February 12, 2023

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