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Asian woman faces Kenyan’s wrath after calling black couple “black monkeys”

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An Asian woman caused an online uproar amongst Kenyans on social media after a video emerged of her calling a black Kenyan couple, ‘black monkeys’

The woman,Pinder Atwal who is a consultant with Leading Image Consultancy Limited, is heard shouting the at the couple several times as a large crowd watches at a petrol station in Westlands.

The man, angered by the insult, tries to approach Pinder’s car, but is pulled back by security guards at the petrol station. A lady, who is with the man, is seen chasing Pinder’s car and throwing her handbag at it.

A security guard at the petrol station says the incident took place on Wednesday May 16 at around 10am.

“The couple had come in, and since there wasn’t enough parking, the man stayed in the car as the lady went to the shop at the petrol station.The Indian woman came back, and instead of asking the man who was reading a newspaper inside the car to move, started demanding why their car had blocked hers.The man apologised and said there was no parking space available. That’s when she shouted ‘black monkey’ at him,” says the guard.

The man then refuses to move his car after being insulted saying he would move it only after the lady he was with arrive. This angers Pinder who goes on to keep insulting the man

“That’s when an altercation ensued and within minutes, the lady who was with the man came back and they started arguing with the Indian lady,” adds the guard

Pinder has since denied calling the couple “black monkey” saying she only called them “black animals.”


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