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  • Aslay has hinted at joining Wasafi WCB.
  • The deal is being brokered by Diamond’s manager, Mkubwa Fella who’s Aslay’s godfather.
  • Should Aslay be signed at Wasafi he will be joining his former band mate, Mbosso.

Bongo star Aslay is headed to Wasafi WCB in a new deal that is being brokered by Diamond’s manager, Mkubwa Fella who happens to be Aslay’s godfather.

Responding to the sentiments, Aslay hinted on joining Wasafi should the opportunity arise.

The Natamba singer added that it’s always his wish to work with a label that’s commanding respect and not just Wasafi

He further affirmed that Mkubwa Fella was more of a father figure who has his best interests at heart.

However, Aslay noted that he’s yet to have a sit down with Mkubwa Fella on the same but is hopeful.

“Ule ni mkubwa naapreciate kile anachokisema, na wish pia sio WCB(Wasafi) sehemu yoyote nawish ambayo naona kuna mwongozo mzuri ntaenda” he asserted partly.

Nonetheless, Aslay maintained that he was currently under another record label.

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Aslay had just performed in Buza in an event that was sponsored by Mkubwa Fella.

It was during the showpiece that Mkubwa Fella revealed his wish to have Aslay join Wasafi.

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Mkubwa Fella’s Contribution To Aslay/Mbosso Careers

Mkubwa Fella is regarded as the Tanzanian godfather of Music.

The burly figure has had a significant contribution to several bongo stars from Aslay, Mbosso, Rayvanny and Jay Melody among others.

Mkubwa Fella’s management stable, Mkubwa na Wanawe saw the birth of the then musical powerhouse, Yamoto Band.

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The group comprised of  Aslay, Enock Bella, Mbosso a.k.a Maromboso and Beka Flavour.

When the group finally died, Mkubwa Fella played a pivotal role in seeing Mbosso join Wasafi.

Mkubwa Fella’s love for music has seen him set up another Yamoto Band to pick it up from where the original left.

The new band showcased during Mkubwa Fella’s night which also saw Mbosso gracing the event.

On Aslay Joining him at Wasafi, Mbosso noted that it was a good thing since the former fits the bill.

December 15, 2023

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