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Association Of Commercial Sex Workers Leader Announces Bid For MCA Seat


A commercial sex worker from Nairobi’s Kiamaiko area has declared her interest to vie for the Kiamaiko ward seat in Mathare constituency.

Mary Mugure who is the leader of Night Nurse, an association of commercial sex workers in Kiamaiko says that she wants to bring change in her community in Kiamaiko that has apparently been bedeviled by many challenges.

“I am a leader and not a politician and that is what I want to bring to Kiamaiko. I have led many women and young people over the years and now I want to lead Kiamaiko,” said Mugure.

Mugure says that, she has already launched a program with the Bar Hostess Organization to rehabilitate young girls from commercial sex work.


“We are trying to tell them that they do not have to go on the streets and do commercial sex work in order to survive. There are so many other ways of survival,” says Mugure.

According to Mugure, there are several girls who have landed international jobs after going through the rehabilitation program.

Just like many other politicians who have announced their interest in politics, Mugure says that she has received attacks from men both verbal and physical.

“They keep telling me that politics is not for women, some are telling me to go back to the streets and all that. At some point I even got physically attacked,” she says.