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  • 80 people have died with  50,000 displaced.
  • Areas like Garisa and Tana River food prices have tripled due to acute shortage of goods.

 At least 80  people have died and 50,000 displaced from their homes since the rains began pounding the country in late last month.

Statistics shows that many  roads and bridges have been washed away making transportation very  difficult in the affected counties.

Areas like Garisa  and Tana River food prices have tripled due to acute shortage of goods as result of transportation breakdown.

Residents living by the Tana River, Kenya’s largest, have been left homeless and hungry after it burst its banks.

“We are finding it difficult we get our food in neighbouring counties and Nairobi but for the last two weeks it has been difficult for us because all our roads to Tana River and Thika- Nairobi Highway have been washed away. It is has been difficult moment for us and due to that many families are starving the National government should come in handy and ensure we get humanitarian aid.’’ A resident said.

State House Reaction

According to State House spokesperson Hussein Mohammed the Government is moving significantly to address challenges staring the affected counties.

“disease outbreaks, destruction of infrastructure and property as well as prolonged power outages  will be addressed,”  he said.

The worst affected areas are the coastal cities of ,Mombasa and Malindi and the northern Kenya region which borders Somalia, also hit hard by flooding.

“All roads are destroyed. I don’t even know where people will go .I escaped the floods with my children and for now we have been living in  makeshift shelter on higher ground,” victim said.

“I had no one to help me, my husband died a long time ago…I was struggling to get my children to safety. When I went back, everything was gone.” Another victim said.

The president activated a National Disaster Operation Center but fell short of declaring the floods a national emergency.


November 28, 2023

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