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Athletics Kenya Head has Stepped aside to pave way for investigations over Bribery claims


Isaack MwangiThe Athletics Kenya head Isaack Mwangi  has stepped aside from office to allow for investigation following claims that he had asked  for a Ksh2.45 million to reduce a four year ban of the two suspended athletes.

Mwangi denied the allegations saying that he will take legal action against the two athletes for giving false allegations.

The two were suspended after testing positive of the banned substance during the World Championship  in Beijing last year.

Mwangi stepped aside from office after presenting a 21 day working leave request  to the federation.

The Anti Doping Committee of Kenya (ADAK) will lead the investigation over the bribery claims.

Doping in Kenya

Kenya has been on the watch ever since serious allegations emerged regarding corruption in Kenya and its anti-doping process.

According to a  German Documentary, by journalist Hajo Seppelt, many marathon runners and other track-and-field athletes from the African nation engage in blood doping with substances such as EPO. Kenyans have dominated long-distance running events for years, and large numbers of people in the country see athletics as their only way to escape poverty.

Kenyan athletics authorities refused to speak with Seppelt about the issue, and his film presents circumstantial evidence of corruption among Kenyan sports functionaries.

In documentary former Boston marathon winner Rita Jeptoo asserts that Kenyan athletes are not subjected to blood tests while training. Another Kenyan runner claims that the national federation suppresses positive doping results in return for bribes.

Seppelt also suggests the International Association of Athletics Federations isn’t doing enough to address the problem of doping in endurance disciplines.

After evaluating data on athletes’ blood collected at major athletics competitions over a number of years, two Australian scientists conclude that doping is the only plausible explanation for some of the measurements. The IAAF also refused to speak with Seppelt about his suspicions.