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Athletics Program brought to Mathare Slums


ATHLETICSThrough Sports,many organizations have managed to empower young people and help inform them about the challenges facing them as well as offering alternative life skills geared towards conquering life in informal settlements.

The sport of running Athletics is one that is finally being brought closer to young people from the poor areas of Eastlands as Eric Kavonde Nyamweya has seen the need to promote Athletics in Mathare slums.

Eric Kavonde Nyamweya has come up with the idea to start up the ‘Nairobi Running Club’ that is set to be registered as a Non-Government Organization Under the Act of 2015 to promote the competition in the Slums of Nairobi.

Under the Program school going children, between the ages of 10 and 17 years will not only be coached on how to run but also impart skills to a bunch of players who come from difficult, complex backgrounds, and turn a few hours of their lives into a joyful escape.

“The main aim is to further tap and exploit the potential in those who still have the dream like mine.”

Nairobi Running Club founder Eric Kavonde has in the past participated in running competitions including the Sotokoto Half Marathon,Safaricom Lewa Marathon to name just a few.

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Eric could not secure Visa to the United States of America where he was to participate in a running competition.But that did not discourage him to continue with his dream,instead it gave him the desire to create a platform for young people.

Eric says“I grew up in one of the orphanages in the slums and this puts me in a position to know what young people growing up in the slums need and that is creating opportunity for more talents”

“Another objective is to improve young people’s academic achievement, instill higher self-esteem on them,solve fewer behavioral problems, and better psycho-social development.”.Eric says.

Eric however,is facing the challenge of ‘building’ his organization due to lack of enough funds and is seeking for well wishers support.

“It’s a nice project will see youths in Mathare being given an equal opportunity to grow in Athletics and for them to be able to make a life out of sport”.