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Auntie boss actress speaks after she was spotted cosying up to married politician


Popular actress Sandra Dacha popularly known by her role ‘Siprosa’ on local sitcom Auntie boss has broken her silence on dating married politician.

The bubbly lass has refuted the claims that she has been having an affair with Savannah West MCA Omung’ala Stazo.

There have been rumors of the said affair and a recent social media post by the politician only made it worse.

In the photo, the two seem to be enjoying a good time at a hotel in the Kenyan coast.

Dacha now says the two of them are friends from way back and the photos doing rounds were taken after they coincidentally bumped into each other at the coast.

“I know he is married, we have been friends for a very long time. There is nothing between us you guys. We were not even together, I was in Mombasa to market a hotel and he was there on a political conference. It was a coincidence and we just took photos and nothing much. Wonders shall never end, why people love spreading lies?” she posed.