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Avril and Naiboi Serve each other Clapbacks on social media


Kenyan singers Avril and Naiboi were on each other’s necks on social media, after Naiboi posted a video asking fans to name one female artiste they would love to seem him work with.

In the video, Naiboi requested his fans to name a female artiste they long to see him collabo with but requested fans not to mention Avril.

“Mmekuwa mkisema Naiboi anafanya collabo na maboy sana, mnaeza taka nifanye ngoma na female artiste mgani mdeadly mwenye mnabelieve vibe yangu na yake zinaeza endana lemme know anyone mwenye mnafeel anaeza but nisiskie mse anasema Avril. No Avril kwa comment, just keeping it real. 2020 ni mwaka wa kutesa, si waka wa makasiriko so hapo kwa comment remember no Avril,” said Naiboi

Avril then commented on the video asking Naiboi how bitter he was that he has held a grudge for two years.

She also went on to clapback at Naiboi saying she’d hate to be his lady.

??????????? heeeeeeee just got tagged in this!! Duuude kwani nilibreak heart yako aje?? Tweny tweny haitaki makasiriko za 2018, holding on for two years??!!! Gaaaaai. I’d hate to be your chic .. forgive AND forget mschew ???????” she wrote.

Naiboi who maintained that he will be keeping it real in 2020 went ahead to tell off Avril following her remarks.

@theavieway that’s why u have ur own IG account, enda uandike hizi vitu huko…ps thats why ua not my Girlfriend,” responded Naiboi.

The two have not been in good terms since Avril refused  to be part of Naiboi’s 2n1 project back in 2018.

In a past interview, Naiboi said that he had asked Avril to be part of the 2n1 clebrity video but the sassy singer did not respond and never gave him an explanation.

Later, Avril argued that at the time she was expectant and was not able to work on the project.