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  • Awinja has revealed her celebrity crush as Mbogi Genje’s Smady Tings.
  • She loves Smady Tings vibe though she’s yet to have a one on one conversation with him.
  • She disclosed that acting in Kenya doesn’t pay.

Popular actress and content creator Jacky Vike popularly known as Awinja has revealed her celebrity crush as Mbogi Genje’s Smady Tings.

Awinja added that he loves how Smady Tings carries himself and his general outlook.

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The sassy actress further revealed that they’re in a tug of war with fellow actress and comedian Mammito on who will get to Smady Tings heart.

“Don’t judge me, kuna ule msee flani wa Mbogi Genje anaitwa  Smady Tings” she stated partly.

Fans Reactions

Following Awinja’s revelation netizens are continuing to share their reactions with many completely blown off.

We sampled a few of the remarks below.

“The only problem with a comedian like @jackyvike ni hatuwezi jua aki joke ama akiwa serious”

“Hii nayo imeenda shule”

“Kila mtu hukua na nyota yake huyu sasa nikaa amepata mpermanent wake”

“Good girls like bad boys. case closed”

“Hiyo combination inaweza kuwa noma”

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Acting Doesn’t Pay

While giving the state of Kenyan film industry, Awinja disclosed that acting doesn’t pay unless one has other assignments on the sidelines.

Other engagements like emceeing and corporate endorsements supplements a creatives earnings.

These are some of the things that have kept Awinja going over the years.

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Her roles in films such as Nairobi Half Life, Click Click Bang and the T.v drama series, Papa Shirandula among others have cemented her space as a most sought after actress as far as acting is concerned.

One of her lowest moments is loosing Papa Shirandula (Charles Bukeko) who was not only a roll model but also a father figure.

Having grown in the ghetto and finally living her dream, Awinja had nuggets of wisdom to share with those harboring the same dream like her.

“Don’t stop what you’re doing, you’re doing the right thing…Keep doing it” she summed up partly.

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