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Awinja Holds Baby Shower For Her Hen

Kenyan actress Jacky Vike alias Awinja has joined the list of celebrities who take care of their pets like they are human beings to the extent of holding ceremonies for them and see no major issue in doing that.

The actress has held a baby shower for her hen Perpetua referring to the occasion as ‘the baby shower of the year’ as she also revealed the gender of the soon-to-be hatched chicks.

“BABY SHOWER OF THE YEAR!!! My Chicken’s Baby shower, it was so moving. I can’t wait to be a Grandma,” she wrote.

While this might be a comedy skit, there are other celebrities who have gone out of their way to celebrate their pets since they are so dear to them.

 The youngest of the Kyallo sisters, Gloria Kyallo recently hosted a baby shower ceremony for her pregnant dog which was attended by her close friends and family.

Gloria shared the video and photos of the ceremony on her social media congratulating her pet adding that her dog deserves nothing but the best.

 “The Girl of the hour. Cheers to celebrating each and every blessing. I love this girl so much. She deserves this and more!!. Congratulations to my girl Lulu on having her first litter. My baby deserves nothing but the best!” She wrote.

A celebrated South African TV and radio personality Moshe Ndiki also shocked netizens after throwing a lavish private memorial service and funeral for his late dog named Sugar Ndiki and the rare occasion was graced by his close friends.

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Moshe shared that he saw no problem in honoring his dog since human beings also get to do the same for their loved ones.

 “I have had Sugar for five years. He passed away almost a week ago after being bitten by a Pitbull. I decided to have a lavish funeral, why not? People do it for their loved ones, their kids, and their parents and why can’t do it for my pet? He was a constant in my life. I loved him. I don’t see a reason why not and I don’t see anything wrong,” he explained.

By Stella Anyango