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Awinja reveals how Papa Shirandula was angry at her for getting Pregnant


Kenyan actress Jackie Vike popularly known as Awinja has revealed that the late Charles Bukeko a.k.a Papa Shirandula was upset when she got pregnant back in 2017.

Speaking to comedian Mc Jessy on Jessy Junction, Awinja said the fallen actor was like a father figure to her and that’s why the news of her pregnancy angered him.

Awinja further revealed that even when Daisy Netia a.k.a Naliaka announced plans of her wedding on set, the veteran actor was very inquisitive about Naliaka’s soon to be husband.

“He was like a father to me. When i got pregnant he was very mad at me. Even when he heard Naliaka [who played the role of shirandula’s daughter] was going to wed, he was upset and asked so many questions about her new man. He was so overprotective. I respected papa so much. We had a daughter-father relationship,”she said.