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  • Azimio to resume anti-government protest next week Wednesday
  • Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka has called their supporters not to attack the police.

Azimio Coalition has announced the return of Anti-government demonstrations Wednesday next week.

The opposition through co-principal Kalonzo Musyoka says they shall resume demos on Wednesday next week in push for better living.

He however, called on their supporters to be Peaceful and unarmed.

He asked their supporters not to confront police officers or harm them and leave that to the officers.

He has called on the Kenya Kwanza Government not to use the excessive force on demonstrators as it is their right to participate in peaceful demonstrations.

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“We, therefore, have reached a conclusion on peaceful, and we stress peaceful and unarmed demonstrations,” Kalonzo said during a press conference on Saturday. We call on our people to remain vigilant on that call however much you feel provoked don’t harm any policeman leave it to them to harm you the world is watching,” he said.

Traders Cry

Meanwhile while in a sharp rejoinder traders who spoke to Ghetto Radio News have called on the opposition to shelve the demo plans and engage the government in a constructive dialogue.

“We are depressed our livelihoods is being lost, the country is deeply in economic crisis we urge the opposition and our President to come on the table and talk. This week alone Nairobi county has lost about 5 billion shillings how long will this continue.” Peter Mwangi trader said.

“Manze maandamano inatumaliza kibiashara hatuna kitu ya kukula siku ya demo,Hawa wazae wetu wakae chini waonge jamani this is getting out of hand,” another trader lamented.

 “Mtu kama Mimi nauza simu tao imagine stall pekee nalipa 20k so you can imagine hujalipa tax,stock hujaeka jamani tunaelekea wapi.” James Chuma told Ghetto Radio News.

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