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Azziad’s advice on fake friends backfires on her

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By Steve Osaka

Kenyans on twitter have blasted Tik Tok Queen Azziad Nasenya over her advice to netizens on how to distinguish true friends.

In a video shared on her social media platforms, Azziad had advised her followers to fake a scenario that they are in trouble and wait and see who would actually stick with them.

“If you want to know you have a real friend or if your friends are real come up with a scenario, fake it, put yourself in trouble and then you will see how many people are going to stand by your side or how many people are still going to stick by you,” said Azziad.

“You would actually be surprised with how many people who are still going to be your friends or who are going to stand with you past that situation that you had faked. Point of this whole story I am talking about is if you find real people,keep them, they’re hard to find “further stated the internet sensation.

Her sentiments however did not go well with a section of Kenyans On Twitter users termed her as shallow minded.

According to the netizens as fake people will never cease being in our midst.

“I have to ask, what if you fake a scenario and someone really comes through only to find out you were’ blackmailing’ them? Won’t They start seeing you as a fake friend?” Tweeted Kiilu Kutoka Kitui.

“To my friends if you use fake scenarios to check if am real you will find me on the wrong side just like Azziad. Pia mimi nastragooo?” tweeted Annastacia Nthenya.

“If that is the kind of advice Azziad can give then it’s clear she’s the one in need of advice,” tweeted Private Figure @privatefigure.

However there were those that showed support to Azziad’s thoughts. “Azziad is right, we have lots of fake friends pretending to be true friends” Tweeted DUAL CHROMOSOMES @FellM…”.


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