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Baba Levo On Leaving Wasafi Label

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Wasafi presenter and musician Baba Levo has said that only Diamond can terminate his work on the record label.

The musician says that he is a big fan of Diamond and cannot leave the record label and station under any circumstance.

He also revealed that he has his own business empire but will still be working under the Wasafi Record Label.

Mimi ni shabiki wa Diamond mkubwa kwa hiyo kunitoa kwa Diamond haiwezekani. Kama kuna mtu yeyote anafikiria anaweza kunitoa kwa Diamond hilo haliwezekani. Empire ninayo soon nawatchia video all in all kumsupport Diamond sitawacha labda Diamond anifukuze aniambie Baba Levo sikutaki lakini kama Diamond nikonaye sitoki pale,” Said Baba Levo.

The presenter applauded Alikiba for his new album launch but advised him to support other artists with their work.

“Nimebahatika kuiskia album ya Alikiba ni mzuri na inatosha wacha aendelee na mambo yake. Pia yeye anatusupport sisi project yetu sasa mbona sisi tusimsupport. Lakini kile anafaa kujua ni kwamba aendelee kusupport watu wengine na asibague mtu,” added Baba Levo.

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Baba Levo is working on Diamond’s record label and has been acting as his blogger defending him from attacks by bloggers.

The presenter attacked Harmonize after he went for the USA tour and said that he should leave the US countries for Diamond.

He had previously attacked Diamond’s baby mama for moving on with a business man Fred Vunjabe after they broke up with Diamond.

Baba Levo has signed a deal with a betting company which is paying him 120,000 thousand Kenyan shillings.

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