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Babadogo Residents In Shock After Stalls Are Demolished In Land Dispute


Residents of Babadogo woke up to losses after their business structures were demolished down yesterday Night.

According to a resident Absalom Odhiambo   the demolitions took place without any notice and has left many people jobless.

“What happened yesterday night is inhumane  and I would want to appeal to the government to control these  demolitions, people have been left with nowhere to go  and we are facing hard times. The demolitions took place at night without any notice,” said Odhiambo.

Odhiambo added that the demolitions will increase criminal activities in the area because they have demolished people’s sources of income.

“We also heard that they want to fence Babadogo grounds, this is a field that has nurtured a lot of talents within Ruaraka. We are in shock they want to fence a public ground total impunity. The government is somehow encouraging young men to turn into thieves because they have demolished their tanks ,car wash and business stalls,” he added.


Former Babadogo MCA Shadrack Juma said that it is not the first time the land has dispute and the Nairobi County Assembly had to intervene to stop the grabbers in 2017.

“In 2017 I received a petition and   took it to the Nairobi City County Assembly regarding the same land … a private developer wanted to take it over. The assembly investigated and came into an agreement that this is a public utility. I would request General Badi to look at the reports of the county assembly and act accordingly,” the former MCA said.

He added that the ground has nurtured a lot of talents and the community will not get a place to build social amenities.

“This means that in future Babadogo will not have a playing ground and also a place where the community can build social amenities, ‘’ he added.

By: Emmaline Owuor