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Babu Owino To Hang The Corrupt At Uhuru Park If Elected President


Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino has stated that he will publicly hung corrupt men and women at Uhuru Park as it is done in other countries.

Babu who is planning to vie for the Nairobi governorship seat in 2022 and later for presidency stated this when he laid out his plan if elected president.

Apart from hanging people in public, the controversial politician has stated that he will also select 100 Kenyans from every county to just eat and drink and spend in statehouse.

This will happen even as he concentrates on other duties like job creation, free health care, free education from primary to the university level and infrastructure development.

Babu’s statement was received with mixed reactions from a section of his followers.

While some hailed his decision to deal with the corrupt, others criticised him and called him an immature leader who has failed Kenyans through his utterances.

“You failed Youths by keeping a policy of insults infront of Kids and our mothers.” stated Mwangangi Sebastian.

“I have a dream …..One day you son of a woman will surprise the Philistines as David did with a sling and stone…choose your stone wisely aim the forehead and victory shall be yours…May God fulfill this great destiny and may it manifest in our time…Be blessed future president ?” stated Allycia Dylan.

“Please hire me as the official head chopper of the corrupt.. it has to be made the highest paying job.. allowance 500,000/- for every head I put on a plate,” wrote Phill Oronje.

“I will gladly accept the offer of being the hangman n. My office will be at uhuru Park,” wrote Vexa Skyler.