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After Baby Mama Drama, Ent Lass Crystal Okusa Gets Hitched

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crystalIf Crystal Okusa was as bad ass as a controversial mum’s group on social media portrayed her a few months ago, she would have gone berserk with ‘in your face’ memes and post after she scored big time last weekend. The sexy entertainment lass who had been thrown into an ugly love triangle by a bitter baby momma who alleged that she stole her husband got officially hitched to the said man known as Aloo Aloo Stephen in  a traditional wedding.

Talk about mpango wa kando beating you at your bitter game. Winny Achy Nyarsuba the baby momma to Aloo Aloo had taken to the trouble filled group on Facebook to shame the journalist for wrecking her home and denying her daughter the pleasure of growing up with the dad. Things however took a twist Aloo Aloo surfaced to defend his lover saying the one out in the cold was his supposed wife and she was wrong to expose their daughter Stobellah to the unnecessary drama. This are excerpts of his emotional filled comeback on the group

 “I want to clarify an issue raised by Winne on this group. The main question is that did Crystal Okusa (my wife) have a right to post the picture of #Stobellah; a biological child to Winnie and a Stepchild to Crystal? She had the express permission to post the photo from the biological father that is me,

 “Winnie and I have shared custody and equal parental responsibility that has been enforced in a court of law after 6 months of court proceedings; so anyone of us can give consent for the child. Posting her “worries” on KM only proves that the motive behind the post is not about the baby but a crafted attack on the character of Crystal Okusa,

 “But since this is now public, let me clarify. Winnie and I had been physically staying together as parents but separated emotionally from 2014. So by the time Crystal and I met, Winnie and I were long over for over a year,

 “Crystal was never a MWK as alleged. To allege that Crystal stole her husband is akin to clatching on straws amid a stormy sea. So Winnie should provide you with facts. No one steals your husband when you actually “claim” to be the one who walked away from the relationship,

 “Posting on KM is an allegation of harm in itself which she should be ready to legally back up. In separations and divorce, kids may always have a stepmum and a stepdad; and no one can change that,

“It is not my nature to indulge a mad person at a nude dancing competition. However, this is my right of response as the father of the children (Stobellah and Atubellah) whose photo has been posted on Kilimani Mums Nairobi Uncensored by Winnie,

Well, Crystal Okusa who had maintained decorum in the whole drama seems to have laughed last as she is now on her way to being life time wife. Lesson learnt ‘kunyenyekea ni muhimu, sponsor huchotwa’

Mukami Kanyi



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