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Bahati Breaks Down After He Was Asked To Drop Mathare MP Bid


Musician Bahati today broke down at a media briefing claiming that he is being asked to step down in favour of ODM candidate and current MP Antony Oluoch.

Bahati who was vying on a Jubilee ticket however says that he will not step down for a candidate he claims has not done developments in Mathare.

“I cannot step down for someone who has not helped my people. I cannot step down for someone that has used Mathare to benefit himself, I will not step down for someone that does not understand the problem of my people. Mimi nashanga if this is Bahati and you become this unfair to me, will there be any youth vying in the near future?” said Bahati.

“I received a call and I was called for a meeting and want to be as open as possible. That am being told that I need to recall the certificate and step down for the sitting MP since he(MP) feels threatened and he feels like if I am in the ballot box, the seat will not go back to ODM which I have said no,” he said.

The musician has also faulted the Azimio la Umoja leaders for not considering the youths in politics.

“I respect my president and I respect Hon. Raila Amollo Odinga but please give the youths of this country a chance,” Bahati said.

The musician requested the Azimio la Umoja leaders to intervene and allow the people of Mathare to choose their leaders.

“I know there is zoning and Mathare has been zoned as an ODM area but for this one time give the people a chance to choose the leader they have always wanted. I did not come to politics because I wanted a job because I already have one. This people of Mathare want someone that can understand their problem, someone that comes from them. Do not kill the hearts of the youths in Azimio and Mathare. I request and call upon you to intervene and in a humble way I say no I am not returning my certificate and I will be on the ballot on 9th August 2022,” he added.