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Bahati Faces Backlash For Smoking In Muslim Worship Attire


Controversial former gospel Singer turned secular Star Kevin Kioko Bahati popularly referred to as Bahati is on the receiving end from netizens after posting a video on Instagram  vaping  to an electronic cigarette while dressed in the muslim’s worship attire.

The singer stated that his act was to celebrate his achievement as not only the top gospel artist but also the top secular artist in Kenya.

“Just one puff Celebrate being the Top Gospel Artist and Top Secular at the same Time in Kenya ;Humbled🙏#VerifiedResearch,” he captioned the video.

Eyebrows Raised As He Jams To Ganja Song

Throwing his fans off balance was also the choice of the song playing in the video’s background.

He went for Jamaica’s Marlon Asher song ‘Ganja Farmer’ which pours praise for the outlawed ‘herb’.

“Yes im a ganja planter, Call me di ganja farmer, deep down inna di earth where me put di ganja, babylon come and light it up on fire, me a chant yes am a ganja planter call me di ganja farmer,” Bahati jammed to the song’s lyrics while blowing clouds of smoke.

The development saw fans jamming the comment section urging him to stop abusing the Muslim’s worship outfit in his theatrics.

“U are misusing our kanzu 😢but why @bahatikenya.”shot one of user

“Umevaa kanzu ya kiislamu afu unasmoke! 🙄Astaghfirullah,” fired another user.

However, not all saw offense with Bahati’s behaviour and cheered him one.

 “Kwani mtu haezi piga moshi yake safi na bado ampende Mungu… Mnajifanya na wengine wenu ni mapoko 😂” inked the supporter.

Is Vaping Electronic Cigarette Safe

 Studies by CDC(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) show that vaping is less harmful to the body but not safe at all.

It contains heated nicotine from tobacco, additives such as flavourings and other chemicals which are inhaled.Reports are also out showing lung injuries and deaths caused by vaping.

So before you join the vaping craze think about your health.

By Steve Osaka.