Bahati Finally Speaks out on Issues with Peter Blessing

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Gospel singer Kevin Bahati known synonymously as Bahat has finally cleared the air on the controversy surrounding him and Peter Blessing.

In a video shared on his YouTube Channel, Bahati for the first time disclosed that he had Peter Blessing arrested to counter Blessing’s demand letter that had been served to him through his lawyers from Karanja, Mbatiey and Associates Advocates .

According to the EMB President, Peter was the first one to serve him a letter, demanding a total of Sh1 Million shillings as royalties from the songs he recorded while at his recording label.

“We are in the knowledge that his songs are hit songs and they have accumulated millions across various platforms like Skiza. To preclude acrimony, our initial instructions are that our client be paid amount of Ksh 1, 000, 000/- within the next (14) days. Take notice that within Fourteen (14) days from the date of this letter, if you fail to pay the said Ksh 1, 000, 000 to our client as demanded, out of instructions are to institute legal proceedings against you in a Court of law without any further reference to you and at your own peril as to costs and all consequences attend thereto” reads part of the letter from the Karanja, Mbatiey and Associates Advocates to Bahati.

Bahati revealed that Blessing did not officially terminate his contract with EMB records before announcing that he was leaving.

The singer also revealed that Blessing’s songs had not made much money at EMB to warrant being paid one million.

According to Bahati, Peter Blessing’s songs only accumulated Ksh.507 on music platform Skiza.

“Guys I had no power, kwanza huyu amedemand pesa hatujawahi make na music yake. On Skiza tunes alone since August when his first song was uploaded Blessing had only made Sh507. But out there nimejitajirisha na pesa yake. I was unable to stop the management form pursuing the rule of law because there is a contract signed, agreed and commissioned. The reason we had to start the case was the only way I could proof that there is breach of contract. The other boys breached the contract but I never acted, they know.” He said

Bahati also added that the young singer was incited by the uncle to exit EMB records

“We had agreed that if there is an exit we do it formerly, come write a termination letter, talk to his uncle, but before we meet he was told Bahati ni vitisho tu. A contract unless you exit the formal way, he kutrend yote, hata hawezi imba, so ant time they are ready they can contact my legal team so that we get a solution from there” he added

On February 28th, Blessing was released on a cash bail of Sh200K, after being sued by Bahati on grounds of obtaining Sh2, 039, 000 through false pretense while at EMB Records.

Watch the video below: