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•Bahati has announced his return to gospel music by teasing a collaborative piece with DK Kwenye Beat
•Bahati ditched the gospel industry in 2020 citing hatred from fellow gospel artist’s
•DK Kwenye Beat took a backseat from the gospel industry after being involved in a sex scandal in 2019 with a Nakuru lady together with fellow gospel star,Hopekid

Kevin Kioko popularly known as Bahati has announced his return to the gospel industry nearly two years since crossing over to the secular world.

In subsequent posts on his Instagram, the EMB boss maintained that he was finally going back to where it all started, gospel music.

In his first post announcing his return,Bahati shared a footage of his gospel song, Barua and asked his fans if they wanted more of his former self or the current one.

“Do you really want more of this former Bahati…or the current Bahati???😊#Barua” wrote Bahati

In a follow up post, Bahati stated that the new gospel joint was finally dropping featuring a mystery artist, he went further and asked his fans to make a guess on the artist while promising to gift a cool 5k for the first 3 right answers.

“Tomorrow 12 pm Bahati,Back to gospel music 🕊️🕊️🕊️ Guess the artist featured on this song” wrote Bahati

In yet another post,Bahati shared a video teaser for the upcoming project.It captures Bahati pounding the keyboard with a number of dramatizers dressed in a choir regalia,not left behind is Dk Kwenye Beat dressed up in a suit with a clergy collar who sings a few lines of the new song.

This is a clear indication that Bahati has set up Dk Kwenye Beat on the new song.

Bahati’s Gospel Exodus

Bahati ditched the gospel industry in 2020 citing hatred notably from artist’s he had helped to establish themselves.

“Hate is not bad.But what is the need of receiving hate from artists that I’m helping from scratch? When i started to support them no one cared but once they get famous, they create false stories to make them trend” partly stated Bahati then

This led him to shutting off his record label,EMB Records(Eastlands Most Beloved Record) which then boasted of a number of signees namely Danny Gift,Mr. Seed,Weezdom, David Wonder, Rebecca Soki and Peter Blessing.

He went full blast in the secular world dropping songs like Kiss,Abebo,Taniua and Mambo Ya Mwesh among others.

On the other hand, Dk Kwenye Beat took a backseat from the gospel industry after being involved in a sex scandal pitying a Nakuru woman and fellow gospel star, Hopekid.

According to the woman,she was lured from Nakuru to Nairobi before the two men of God forced themselves on her infecting her with a sexually transmitted disease,Herpes.

While winding up this publication,the new song dubbed ‘fanya mambo’ is finally out and is posted on Bahati’s YouTube channel.

What’s your take on Bahati’s return to the gospel world? Leave a comment.

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