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Bahati Roasted For Seeking Diamond’s Advice


By Steve Osaka

Controversial Kenyan Gospel Singer Bahati has faced the wrath of netizens after posting a photo of himself alongside Bongo Flava Star Diamond Platinumz while in South Africa.

The ‘Mama’ Singer alleged to have sought guidance from the Wasafi Boss concerning his upcoming album.

“Yesterday Night in Joburg South Africa With Africa’s Number #1 Musician Diamond Platinumz ?Bro Thank you for Always Giving Me a Listening Ear and Guidance;I Never Take it for Granted! Your words & advice Yesterday?I know that will Make My Upcoming Album One of the Best I have Ever Done! I’m Humbled?Thank You for Always Being The Realest Big Brother ????❤️?”Was the caption of the photo.

A section of netizens not only took offense with Bahati who aligns himself with gospel music for seeking advice from a secular artist but also Diamond’s tattered reputation as a serial womanizer for his many baby mama’s spread across the region.

“Yes father NATIONS is a good advisor! You can now come back and concentrate on dating from all parts of East and Central Africa!” wrote Ondari Con.

“Umewacha kina Sarah K, Eunice Njeri, Alice Kamande, Mercy Masika, Eve Mwalili, Reuben Kigame na wengine wao hapa Kenya wakupe advice umeenda Baba wa mataifa akupatie advice??? Ala Ala?,” quipped Amelia Liavoga.

Despite the negative comments, some came out and poured praises on the ‘Barua’ Singer for the heights he had gone in bettering his musical journey. “Never mind Bahati! People may criticize but God will never leave you alone.. And yes I hope that the album is going to be the best.And may God’s grace and favour be upon you. I wish you all the best not only in music but even the rest of your life. I love you Bahati keep it up, “wrote Pambo Chiru.