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Bahati’s Lie To Diana During Delivery


Musician Bahati has revealed that he lied to his wife Diana that doctors had barred him from accessing the delivery room when they were welcoming their first child.

Speaking on Diana’s YouTube channel, the father of five said he could not stand being in a theatre room then.

“They wanted me to go the theatre with you but I refused and told the nurse to tell you that they did not allow men in the theatre,” he said.

Bahati said he waited outside, wondering what to do as he apologized to Diana for lying to her then.

“I was even afraid to hold the baby the first day. You want me to lie again, at that time, I was afraid but I am sorry about that.”

The singer turned politician then claims that he has since overcame his fear mentioning that he was present in her recent delivery to their third child together.

Diana celebrated her 33rd birthday just four days after welcoming her baby Malaika.

While sharing the good news of the new milestone, Marua went back in memory lane saying a time like now in 2021 she had fun with her friends and danced throughout the night in celebration unbeknownst to her that she would be nursing a young baby a year later.

“Last year a time like this, I was preparing to ‘Murder’ the day with friends, lots of food, drinks, and eventually, dance the night away, which actually happened, I killed it that night. If you told me then that a year down the line I’d be back on Mummy duties, taking care of a newborn, I would literally chase you away with a broom,” she said.

By Stella Anyango


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