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Bahati’s wife accused of stealing Designer Handbags (Video)


Gospel singer Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua has been accused of stealing designer handbags and shoes.

In a video that has been widely shared on social media, a lady claiming to be Diana’s friend accused Marua of stealing handbags from her and ignoring her.

The video appeared online on Thursday with the lady narrating how she left her items at Marua’s house but upon collection, she found out that a few pieces of her designer handbags and sandals were missing.

The lady who is a businesswoman said that Diana invited her to her (Diana’s) place and she took with her a suitcase full of handbags and sandals for sale so that Diana could pick what pleases her

“So unaniibia vitu zangu honestly, you are my high school friend, wen went to high school together, I was there at your first baby shower when you were having Heaven. How do you treat somebody like a trash just because you thing you are a celebrity? How do you inviuet somebody to you house after tumehave lunch, nimeacha vitu zangu, tumeonge story za Biashara, even nikajiexpose places mi hutoa vitu zangu because you said we are going to do business together. Lakini Biashara sio hata Lazima, but at least be a human being, coz I don’t understand hii story yote, hata nimeshindwa kwenda Polisi, n ahata nimeshindwa kuchukua the remaining bags juu ninge chukua hata hakungekuwa na evidence. And on top of that inaniitia Polisi Diana Marua. I feel so hurt and betrayed. I don’t what has been going on without you coz I’m so shocked,” she said

Diana Marua responded in a post that downplayed the whole matter after she dominated the top trends.

“Weeeuuhh Naambiwa na trend pale chit chat na kilimani mums. Nipeeni udaku nimefanya nini na hii Corona? ???” said Marua

Fans, however, called on her to pay the lady if indeed she stole the bags.

silvia_goods:  ‘But you’ve bn a thief since highschool .. remember how you got Demoted as a dorm captain and embarrassed by princi pale parade for stealing 270 from a form 2 ???Stupid petty thief”

scolamacharia:  “Aaii si unakuaga huko na pseudo siunajua kile ulifanya..actually not only chitchat pia kilimani mums”

lynnhappysoul:“Acha story mingi za chit chat ww rudisha mzigo za wenyewe”

kavithe_00: “You’re a petty thief. Using police and your mboch to intimidate people. Is it true”

itsbryoo: ‘???? ati umeiba bags na wigs?”

619winnex: ‘Wanasema ww ni kamwizi kasupuu.So itabidi u drop moja pliz.Juu haziwez kuwa kwa same sentence”