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Balala sparks Twitter battle between Lupita Nyong’o and Naomi Campbell

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The Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife has named English Model, Actress and Businesswoman Naomi Campbell as the Magical Kenya International Tourism Ambassador.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Tourism, the 50-year-old Super Model agreed to become Magical Kenya International Ambassador during a meeting with Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala over the weekend.

 “She will help promote the marketing of Kenya as an ideal tourism and travel destination in the world,” read the statement.

The news of the appointment has received mixed reactions from Kenyans with some questioning the Ministry’s decision.

Here are some of the views that Kenyans expressed on social media:

@BPP_Rodgers says “Tuambianeni ukweli majamaa, ni mzito mgani anakula Naomi Campbell?”

@MeshRuto says “So we have reduced our tourism sector this far.. @tunajibu do you know what makes us ONE, UNITED, PATRIOTIC. It’s being KENYAN. Please love your country.”

@NIxonCheruyot says “How this is not supposed to be @Lupita_Nyongo I cannot comprehend.”

@wambuijm2003 “Do we have shortage of masaai in Kenya to represent us? Why a foreigner”

@BernyG11 “Campbell has been convicted of assault on four occasions, after she was accused eleven times of committing acts of violence against employees, associates and other individuals between 1998 and 2009. Buy our president was convicted in ICC too”

@Valleriemuthoni “So not ONE Kenyan could fit this position? Do y’all even have Kenyan ‘tourism’ ambassadors?”

@Kguantai “for once @kot should be gracious and quit the whinning……”

@Peterkanage “She’s not being employed by the government. There’s no official “International/Global Ambassador role in Kenya”, its just a voluntary role given to celebrities to market Kenya in their countries. No big deal.”

@btikini_KE_NL “This is wrong by all counts. Don’t we have competent Kenyans? If it’s about reach, we have our own Lupita or @Emma Too who both have a wider reach than Naomi. This Ministry needs a total overhaul – We can’t be appointing ‘crushes’ in sensitive dockets like our tourism space.”

@JuniourVinny “Folks must understand business interest. Tourists deserve their own. A good move. For the local we can pick the Ericos and so on.”


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