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“Bank Otuch” Hitmaker Narrates How He Used to Hawk Sodas,Biscuits and Water at Emali stage in 2014.


otu2Everyone have a story to tell. A story behind your current situation. Some all rosy, some so sad with others unbearable to listen. Your story -background and past- shouldnt dictate who youbwill end up being at the long run as Vicmass Luodollar narrates through his Facebook page in honor of his Mashujaa’s.

Unbelialably, no one will buy the fact that two years ago, “Pesa Otas” guy used to be a rugged hawker at Emali stage having been taken in by a certain family;

”Its not how much we give,but how much love we put into giving”

Denis Lang’at Family saved me 3 years ago.

Before i was this smooth,this woman together with her husband Denis Lang’at saved me,when life was sewage,from Nairobi to Emali,Makueni county[Ukambani].
First day they gave me three sodas,three bottle of water and biscuits to sell,at Emali Buspark,
Second day this woman added me a stock worth k/sh.500 and she urged me to believe in GOD that one day i will be rich and my music will be big.
I used my second month savings to record the original audio of bank otuch song in the year[2014] among other audios
Whatever moved me to even invite them for my Churchil interview last week ,is,she is kamba and her husband is kalenjin and am luo,they helped me without asking which tribe i belong,i celebrate them,they are part of this journey to Beverly Hills.

NOTE:”When you help its not your duty to let the whole world know you did”

GOD bless the entire family of Denis Lang’at.
And my GOD is watching this year am flossing
#SimbeAdek .Photo By: PichaClear Film & Studios.”

This guy is definately going places….and you, you there…got no reason to give up on that dream. PUSH.

Check out the family that feted yesterday as his Mashujaa, a family that took him when he was a nobody.

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