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Barack Obama Releases His Summer Playlist, No Kenyan Artist Features

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Former US President Barack Obama has released his playlist for summer and surprisingly no Kenyan artist has earned a slot in the list.

This is despite him having roots in Kenya courtesy of his father.

Taking to twitter, the former head of the most powerful nation stated how the habit he had formed while still at the White House had now become a norm.

“While we were still in the White House, I began sharing my summer favorites – and now, it’s become a little tradition that I look forward to sharing with you all. So here’s this year’s offering. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did,” posted Obama.

He was looking forward to sharing his playlist as many families in the US are gearing up for the summer celebrations which involves bonding together with friends and family alongside good music from their favorite artists.

 “With so many folks getting together with family and friends, there is a lot to celebrate this summer. Here’s a playlist of songs I’ve been listening to lately – it’s a mix of old and new, household names and emerging artists and a whole lot in between,” added Obama.

What stood out is his love for hip hop music as there was relatively a good number of artists  from the genre  including such as Jay – Allure, J-Cole – Neighbours and Migos – Straightenin just to mention but a few.

 His followers jammed the comments section while praising him for his down to earth persona.

“Coolest President EVER. Period,” wrote one user.

“You have the ability and gifts to do whatever you want. It your turn now to change the world. Yes, we can! -Barack Obama, “posted another user.


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