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BAT on the spot over reckless sale of addictive lyft in Kenya

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The Kenya Tobacco Control alliance has put the BAT on the spot over sale of nicotine pouches popularly known as lyft that have currently flooded the market.

KETCA Chairman Joel Gitali claims that the nicotine pouches are suddenly everywhere and are allegedly being abused by the youth.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News Gitali stated that the pouches are being sold cheaply at the price of Ksh. 20.

“These pouches are available everywhere, they are being sold like sweets to young people who do not know the health risks they are posing,” said Gitali.

According to Gitali, the pouches are allegedly posing a great risk of cancer and other diseases to the youth who are abusing them.

British American Tobacco Kenya will build a Sh. 2.5 billion factory in Nairobi to produce for the African market oral nicotine pouches.

These nicotine pouches are viewed as an alternative to cigarettes.


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