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Battle of the gengetone kings, Exray takes on Miracle baby


Is there really beef between Boondocks gang’s Exray and Sailors’ Miracle baby or is it another publicity stunt.

Last week, Boondocks gang member Exay took to social media to trash talk Sailors’ lead singer Peter Miracle baby and fans were shocked because no one could pin point the genesis of the alleged beef.

In his post on Instagram stories, Exray insisted that he has no beef with Sailors’ gang but insisted that he has lost all respect for Miracle baby.

“Sina beef na sailors… we are always bros but to that baby Snitch… It’s personal,” he said.

In a separate post Exray also claimed that he intends to take Miracle baby to court yet he did not reveal over what exactly.

“Someone tell uyo snitch..yeni @petermiraclebaby UMBWA SAAANAA Na keshotupatanekortiniamaurudiochaaa. Nimekuheshimukamandugulakiniumeni disrespect nikaulikuwaumetumwa,” he wrote

In his response which was later deleted, Miracle baby said that he is proud of his origin and concluded it with a mega bombshell on Exray.

“sikataimimini proudly waOchaatleastnajuakulima…silimiwi dame” wrote Miracle baby

The alleged beef took a nasty turn after Exray uploaded a video of Miracle baby shaking his booty and went on to call him gay.

It is not yet clear why the two are beefing and whether it is true or an alleged attempt to promote a new project.

Fans have been questioning the whereabouts of the Sailors gang since the country was his by the tough economic times because of the COVID-19.