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Beauty Companies Workers Protest Death Of Colleague In Factory

Beauty companies workers from Angels Company today held demonstrations following the death of their colleague at work.

The workers under the Beauty Workers Union claim that their colleague died after she was allegedly denied permission to go to the hospital by her supervisors.

They accused the company of transferring the supervisor to another department instead of firing him for causing the death of his junior.

“There is a crisis within the company, there is a girl who died inside the factory and the covered the death. The name of the deceased is Pauline,” said Wangare.


They claim that workers work under very inhumane conditions that do not even allow them to go to the hospital while sick.

“She came to work just like any other day, she then collapsed at lunch time and died. Other workers were kicked out then the company secretly transported the body out of the building,” she said.

They are now demanding the resignation of the Managing Director of the company following the death.

Wangare also wants the company to honour their Collective Bargaining Agreement they had signed with the workers.

By Milo George