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Beauty Pageant Contest to be Held to Promote Peace

Youths have been asked to maintain peace as the country heads to General Elections on August 9th. In order to do so  Wezesha Youth has now organized a peace event that will feature beauty contest dubbed Mr. And Miss Tranquility.

The event will go down at Nairobi Film Center formerly Nairobi Cinema this Saturday and it will bring different youths from different parts of the country.

According to Wezesha Youths chief executive officer Paul Victor the event will address youth, peace and conflict, Youth as Peace Builders, Radicalization and violent extremism, Gender among other issues.

“The Wezesha Youth Initiative in conjunction with Nairobi Cinema and other entities, presents Mr. and
Miss Tranquility, a beauty pageant of purpose and the 1st of its kind to be held in Nairobi, the theme of the event is peace, love and harmony, a theme that calls for the youth all over the country to maintain peace as we engage in the general elections of 2022 to be held on 9th August 2022.

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Wezesha Youth Initiative is a registered community based organization that has held several community projects throughout most regions of the country.’’ Victor said.

He further reiterated that the organization is keen in nurturing talent and also engage youths in other activities apart from politics.

‘‘Additionally, to bring together different arts and talents with the same message of peaceful coexistence amongst each other and the community at large. We intend to provide diverse source of resilience where we can create space for interaction between the community and the youth through the sporting activities and art. As there is indulgence of sports in the public community resources, we hope to forge better connections, prevent stigmatization and we accept each other by normalizing diversity as well as recognizing the importance of ensuring this peace we enjoyed for the longest time before elections has given us the privileged to assemble through fun times and hence we should commit to uphold it after elections,’’ he said.

By Allan Otieno