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Bedridden Cancer Patient Among Residents Ambushed In Midnight Pangani Demolitions

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A bedridden elderly man is among the many residents of Pangani who were left homeless following forceful evictions by Nairobi County today.

Aisha Muhamed the man’s wife says her husband has been suffering from cancer and has been bedridden for quite some time.

The elderly man, a former civil servants has known the Pangani house as his home for a long time.

“We were given a verbal notice and not a signed one… then these guys came in at 1 am with many council vehicles, demolished the windows so that we can leave the place. As you can see, my things are out, the sitting room is empty and the mzee cannot talk,” Muhamed said fighting back tears.

Ghetto Radio crew found the man helpless still lying on the bed in the bedroom as his wife effortlessly tried to move their belongings to avert further destruction.

The distraught Muhamed got emotional unable to finish the interview.

More than 50 families were left homeless following 12 am forceful evictions conducted by Nairobi city askaris.

The askaris raided  the houses  behind Pangani Police Station with  lorries and  bulldozers  and they were demolishing windows, doors and forcing occupants out.





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