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Beef Alert:- Huddah Responds To Victoria Kimani’s New Single’ Gota’ lyrics


hudSeems Huddah is so huge that everyone wants to beef with her to increase their industry relevancy. Or is it that she intimidates many? I mean , at 23….she owns a house worth more than 50 million Kshs, drives a Range Rover, has built her mom a house at Kitengela and still earning more through events and her brand ambassadorial jobs.

Despite having achieved all the above, Huddah cant clear her name from being accused of acquiring her wealth through dishing her goodies to old men – the ultimate reason Victoria Kimani is trolling on her in her latest single “Gota”.

Well, I guess no one saw this coming. Victoria Kimani has always laid low and is not known to initiate beefs with fellow celebrities.

So, it is what it is and Victoria just called Huddah a sponsoree who go after old fellas for that paper that maintains her flashy and expensive lifestyle in her very first ever Swahili Lyrics (that she was assisted by Abbas to put down);

Ujue natoka mbali, Victoria Kimani nani
Wanajua mi ni nani, mi ni nani
Sihanyi mabuda, mimi sio Huddah

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On her end,Huddah had probably not heard of the Lyrics slicing her (bearing in mind she is not a Kenyan Music Fan) until reached out to her and see whether she’d “like to rebut Kimani’s words,” eDaily put it.

“Sorry, I don’t respond to irrelevant people. Call me when you want to talk about my cosmetics,” came her response.

Ouch, so Victoria Kimani is that irrelevant to Huddah?? Am pulling down my seat to watch where this just conceived “beef” will sail to.

Do you think Victoria came up with the line, or was it her assistant Abbas who did that??