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  • Rapper Diana B has just released a new track dubbed ‘Narudi Soko’.
  • In the just fresh hit, she fires attacks at You Tuber Andrew Kibe whom she has been involved with in a war of words online.
  • Diana B refers to Kibe as a poor man questioning why he is always attacking others online.

Content creator turned rapper Diana B has just dropped a new hit dubbed ‘Narudi Soko’ and it she fires shots at You Tuber and former radio host Andrew Kibe.

In this latest track which premiered on YouTube an hour ago, Diana directs attacks at Kibe asking why he is always bashing other celebrities while he has no success of his own.

Diana B refers to Kibe as a poor man adding that he will die in that very state.

“Andrew Kibe unatusi watu na we ni maskini. Utakufa ghetto, utazikwa ghetto.”

~Diana B

The mother of three also makes references to some of the popular celebrity breakups mentioning how those who were did dirty have already moved on according to the common phrase ’Kuoga na Kurudi Soko’.

The scenarios referred to are the love triangles involving Kenyan socialite Amberay, Amira and Jimal Roho Safi while the other consists of Tanasha Donna and Bongo stars Zuchu and Diamond.

“Form ni kuoga na kurudi soko. Amberay akanotice ulafi akatoka Jimal Rohosafi, akarudi soko. Naye Jimal akarudia mama kumaliza lawama kumbe alirudi soko. Tanasha Donna hukuweka sukari ukanyang’anywa Prado daaah unarudi soko na huyu Zuchu anapeana vitu mkidhani Nasibu atarudi soko.”

~Diana B

Following Diana B’s latest track a section of netizens have shared their mixed  views with some praising her rapping skills while others claim she was just chasing clout with the online beef with Kibe.

Below are some of the comments:

Phoina collection Another Banger for sure ❤️

Maggiegomena Form ni kuoga na kurudi soko it’s a hiiiittttt already 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️🙌🙌

Jacintamumo Someone help me rate the quality of this video..wueh wueh … notch..this one is 👌👌👌 🔥🔥

Iannoh Kumbe risto yako na kibee ilikuwaa ngomaa tu😂😂😂

Mawia Give it up for auntie madoooo.hapo Kwa kibe umemuweza😂😂😂😂

Bossyjossy Ety Watu huku wanasema afadhali wasikilize kelele na wameshasikia😂😂Form ni kuoga na kurudi soko. D ENDELEA KUVURUGA INDUSTRY 🔥

Yrnfidel kaa mbaya mbaya kibe asikuambie bana

By Stella Anyango


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