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Being Amira Blasts Jimal For Giving Her Household Items To Amber Ray

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Businessman Jamal Roho safi’s wife, Being Amira has blasted her husband Jimal for gifting his second wife Amber Ray her household items.

Amira was blaming Jimal for giving out their house speaker to Amber Ray whom she claims that does not know how the speaker was bought.

 “Aaii people who can’t earn for what they need though, and hw u gon gv out house items, now I nd a new Harman/Kardo!!!Sasa if it’s a speaker leo kesho sufuria pia? Kwani tunashare umaskini ama utajiri wa kujiwekelea, earth is hard smh,” wrote Amira.

Being Amira further went ahead and shared a video of a new bluetooth speaker she got after Jimal gave out hers to Amber Ray.

“Haya blessed is the hand that giveth” added Amira.

Amira is currently in Dubai where she went to celebrate her birthday but has not yet come back to Kenya.

She is currently enjoying her life in Dubai and recently revealed that she bought herself a new Roll-roys car.

While showing off her ride, Amira advised people to always have friends who encourage them and believe in them.


“We in the rolls and it ain’t rented. Oh Oh. Your net worth is your net worth. Have friends who encourage you to never settle for less and work for what’s yours. I am already better than his next,” she said.

Amira has not yet spoken if it is true that Amber Ray and Jimal have broken up and if she has forgiven her husband for cheating on her.


By Emmaline Owuor.


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