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  • Tanzanian singer Lawrence Marima Madole alias Marlaw said he is coming back with good hits after his long break
  • The Rita hitmaker said he endured countless struggles during the break as he couldn’t earn from his songs like before
  • However, many friends supported him during the tough times and he went ahead to thank all of them

Renowned Tanzanian musician Lawrence Marima Madole better known as Marlaw has announced his return to music after a 13-year break.

Through an interview with East Africa TV, the Bembeleza hitmaker shared how his experience has been outside the music industry. The 2000s legend mentioned that he is now coming back to carry on with his music career and entertain his fans.

 “I’m very proud of my fans for their support. I recently shared with them about my return to music and the feedback is amazing. They are encouraging me to do more good projects,” Marlaw said.

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Following Bongo Music Industry

Despite keeping his life on the low since 2010, Marlaw says that he has been following everything in the Bongo music industry.

“You can’t quit music and I never walked away from the music arena. I was not visible but I was in the game every day. But now I am back and people will be seeing me,” he said.

When asked how he was earning a living during the break, the singer said he faced financial struggles owing to the fact that he was not producing songs and performing at concerts.

However, many people came through for the Tanzanian crooner during the break and with their support, he was able to take care of his family which looked up on him.

 “If you stop doing what you are used to and what pays you, things must fall. Like I have a company selling my brand but it was not bringing revenue like in my heyday. I thank God I never lacked, but it was like depending on people. I can’t say I could sustain myself. I got support and I’m grateful,” the singer said.

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