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  • Bensoul roasted for donning skirt during album launch.
  • Bensoul launched his album ‘The Lion Of Sudah’ last year on April 20th 2023.
  • Bensoul and Le Laika are the remaining signed artists at the Sauti Sol-owned label, Sol generation following Nviiri’s exodus.

Sol Generation’s signed singer, Bensoul is wading through a barrage of attacks for donning a skirt popularly known as a Kilt during his recent album launch.

According to fans, Bensoul is slowly losing it by embracing the queer community.

In a video doing rounds on social media, Bensoul is captured donning a customized pink-patterned suit with a matching  pleated skirt.

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His neck is also embellished with a matching tie as his trouser bears buttons on one side.

Bensoul during a past show PHOTO/GOOGLE


Fans Reactions

Bensoul’s video has since attracted attack after the other noting that Kenyans are yet to embrace men donning skirts.

We camped on social media and sampled a few of the comments.

“From Bensoul straight to Janesoul”

“Kama mtu hataki kuwa mwanaume si aseme”

“U don’t have to look gayish to be a fashion icon…shida ni kucopy wazungu”

“Kudress kama LGBTQ ndo mnaita fashion”

“Huyu kakuwa shoga”

“Mimi niingie show nipate host ni mwanaume amevaa dress naishia mtaa sita promote nguvu za giza mimi”

“It’s giving gay vibe”

“The agenda is being pushed in Kenya…If you know you know”

Bensoul launched his debut album, Lion Of Sudah last year on April 20th, 2023 coinciding with Marijuana culture ‘4:20’ which is celebrated globally.

The recent launch also took place on the same day going in tandem with the ‘4:20’ anniversary.

Bensoul and Le Laika are the only remaining signed artists at Sauti Sol’s-owned label, Sol Generation following Nviiri’s recent exodus.

The origin of men donning skirts ‘Kilts’ draws back to Scotland for centuries now. However, they’re other countries around the world where men wear kilts from Greece, Egypt, Fiji to Indonesia among other countries.

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Locally, among notable names who have been spotted donning skirts are former football star, Dennis Oliech, You Tuber and Comedian, Tumbili and singer Rayvanny among others.


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