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Bensoul shares little known details about his childhood


Sol Generation’s Bensoul has for the first time opened up about his childhood.

Speaking in a recent episode of Sol Generation’s docu series Bensoul revealed that he was raised by a single mum.

According to the Lucy hit maker, his dad left when he was still young forcing his mum and elder sister to raise him.

The singer narrated how he has always loved singing from a young age but maintained that his father who was around at the time did not want him to sing. His father on the other hand was a choir and band member.

“I was raised by a single mum. My dad left us when I was young. I started singing when I was very young when I was still in Sunday school. I would go to church and sit next to the guitarist or pianist just to try and learn the keys they play.” He said

Bensoul revealed that his passion for music was bred in the church and even his pastor realized and advised him to pursue music.

Bensoul later joined Hart the Band as a guitarist after bumping into the band one function.

He went on to reveal that while living with Hart the Band in Kayole, they helped grow his music.

He reminisced making the first ever huge amount of money from a gig hosted by media personality Julie Gichuru.

Bensoul further revealed how he almost gave up on music because he felt like he was dying.

He had been unwell for almost a month and he finally decided to donate some of the best songs he ever wrote.

“I felt like life has lost meaning. I was coughing and very week, I went and tested for HIV and it turned out negative. Later at my mum’s place I tested positive for TB but during that time I felt like I cannot keep doing music when I cannot even explain to anyone what I am trying to say. This made me give out some of my best songs like Telenovela and Ntala nawe.” He added