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  • Bensoul’s shocking revelation.
  • The renowned ‘Nairobi’ hitmaker used to sell tickets so as to attend Blankets and Wine music festival.
  • Bensoul who was on the line up of Blankets and Wine July 2023 edition is proud of his progress in the music industry.

Kenyan award-winning singer and songwriter Bensoul shocked many with his big revelation at the second edition of the 2023 Blankets and Wine music festival which went down over the weekend.

Through a speech in the middle of his performance, the renowned “Nairobi” hitmaker revealed that he actually used to do ticket sales for the event, so as to earn himself a spot to attend.

“I used to sell tickets ndio nikuje Blankets but look at me now.”


Bensoul treated the crowd with performances of hits from his 2023 album dubbed ‘The Lion of Sudah’.

Okello Max and Hart the band’s Mordecai were invited on stage whereby the trio performed their song ‘Row’ and after a couple of other songs the crowd went wild chanting that they wanted to go on with the party.

“We want more, we want more,” they shouted in unison.

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As he was winding up he lit up the place with the performance of his hit with Bien ‘Navutishwa’ accompanied by back up dancers, before finishing off with a verse from his 2019 song ‘Niombee’.

The Lion of Sudah

Bensoul’s “The Lion of Sudah” is a powerful album that showcases the Kenyan artist’s diverse musical talents and deep appreciation for African rhythms and sounds.

Released in 2023, the album is a fusion of different musical genres, including R&B, reggae, Afrobeat, and soul, all mixed with traditional African elements that make it a unique listening experience.

This 15 track album was released on April 20th and Bensoul gave more details on the title of the album mentioning that it is a play on words with the phrase ‘Lion of Judah.’

“It is a play on words with ‘The Lion of Judah’. However the title is inspired by my journey as an artist, and his evolution from an unknown entity to an African superstar,” he said then.

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