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Betty Kyallo exposed by House help, Gospel Industry hit with fresh beef..Here’s this week’s Entertainment Round up

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The Kenyan gospel scene was this week rocked with a fresh beef once again involving an EMB records signee, Betty Kyallo got ‘robbed’ by a nanny who then exposed her lifestyle. Here are some of the Entertainment stories that made headlines this week.

  1. Betty Kyallo

Earlier in the week,  media personality Betty Kyallo accused her houselp of stealing from her.

In an online post, Betty Kyallo called for bureaus to vet nanny’s adding that her house help had stolen from her despite earning 18k.

“Aren’t there bureaus that can vet nannies and support you even when you employ them to ensure they are doing right by your home and children? Mums and dads we need to wake up and protect our children and homes,” she wrote

In a twist of events, the nanny in question came out to publicly deny the allegation.

Consolata Wawira revealed that she had not stolen from the news anchor adding that her woes began after Betty brought in another houshelp.

Consolata revealed that she had been accused of stealing diapers before she was thrown out before even being paid a cent.

She added that she was the sole care giver for Betty Kyallo’s five year old daughter because the mother is always away.

The mother of two also exposed Kyallo of living a fake lifestyle online yet her house lacks even food at times.


  1. Weezdom and Kasolo

The Kenyan gospel industry has once again been rocked with beef between its artistes.

Gospel singers Stephen Kasolo and Weezdom have been embroiled in an online beef following Peter Blessing’s woes at EMB records.

Earlier, gospel singer Bahati had shared a Youtube video explaining why he had Peter Blessing arrested revealing that the latter was in breach of their contract.

Kasolo left a comment on that video calling out the EMB boss, an action that angered EMB’s number two Weezdom.

Weezdom called out Kasolo as hypocrite in the gospel industry arguing that Kasolo is among cartels crippling the industry.

“You’re one of the fake hypocrites in the industry. You used to be so happy with me time nilipokuwa natusi Bahati juu unamchukia. Now that I’ve made peace with him ukakua adui ukaanza matusi. Hujawai post Peter Blessing on social media ama his songs but now you are all over Instagram and Facebook saying that you stand with him.” Read part of Weezdom’s comment

Kasolo then fired back at Weezdom telling him to stop depending on Bahati because his career is stagnating.

“Wewe utagrow lini ujisimamie kama seed? Utategemea mwanaume mwenzako hadi lini? Toka kwa Bahati ujisimamie tukutambue. Wewe ndio chanzo cha huyo boy kutoka kwa Bahati. Weezdom utastagnate miaka nenda miaka rudi. Mara kwa Sadic, Mara kwa Bahati.” Kasolo responded

The two were in a long back and forth that soon escalated to phone calls and text messages.

  1. Amber Rutty

Popular Tanzanian video vixen and socialite Amber Rutty divorced her husband Said Mtopari popularly known as Daville, one year after their wedding.

Amber, real name Rutfiya Abubakari, allegedly found a new man in just five days and is ready to settle down with him.

The news of their divorce was made public late January when Amber was spotted cozying up to a new man.

The socialite became famous in 2018 when her anal sex video with two men went viral, resulting to her arrest.

In a recent interview, Amber said her ex husband did not know how to take care of her and that she felt she was not growing with him.

She also alleged that she got tired of his continued conversations about sex and his high libido.

  1. Bahati and Peter Blessing

Gospel singer Kevin Bahati known synonymously as Bahati finally cleared the air on the controversy surrounding him and Peter Blessing.

In a video shared on his YouTube Channel, Bahati for the first time disclosed that he had Peter Blessing arrested to counter Blessing’s demand letter that had been served to him through his lawyers from Karanja, Mbatiey and Associates Advocates .

According to the EMB President, Peter was the first one to serve him a letter, demanding a total of Sh1 Million shillings as royalties from the songs he recorded while at his recording label.

Bahati revealed that Blessing did not officially terminate his contract with EMB records before announcing that he was leaving.

The singer also revealed that Blessing’s songs had not made much money at EMB to warrant being paid one million.

According to Bahati, Peter Blessing’s songs only accumulated Ksh.507 on music platform Skiza.

  1. Akothee and bloggers

Singer Esther Akoth popularly known as Akothee vowed to sue a certain blogger after publishing fake news that her daughter Rue Baby and MCA Tricky were involved in an accident.

An online publication published a story claiming that Rue Baby and MCA tricky had been involved in a grizzly accident in the company of three others.

Following the news, Akothee came to narrate how the news affected her and left her stressed.

According to Akothee, she tried reaching her daughter who was not picking her calls because she was in class.

“Ish  this thing made me piiii on myself ,I almost caused an accident myself Who are this idiots wishing my children bad luck, I called my daughter nonstop ,and its a pity she is in class she could not pick, now I know we have dogs instead of human beings, what the fuck , may what you wish others be your cup of tea. These fake bloggers I will bank lots of your money this year, just continue ranting for likes and comments, idiots, I will catch up with you in a few pier mineu nkt @mcatricky GOD PROTECT YOU , ENEMIES ARE WORKING ALL NIGHT”” read her post


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