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Betty Kyallo Reveals How she Convinced her Sisters to do the Reality Show

Business woman Betty Kyallo has revealed the trouble she passed through to convince her sisters to do their reality show.

The show ‘Kyallo Kulture’ which features Betty Kyallo, Mercy Kyallo and Gloria Kyallo is set to premier today on showmax.

Betty says that Gloria did not want to showcase her lifestyle to people but Mercy was easy to convince.

“Well, it wasn’t easy to convince my sisters.  We feel like there is something for us to give. Let me start with Gloria because it is easier to convince her. Mercy is harder, so Gloria was like I want to live a quiet life then I was like chick we gotta make money so Gloria was a bit hesitant. But then Mercy was like, Okay, fine. I think we can actually do it,” Betty said.

Betty went ahead and said that she assured her sisters that the show will not be about her but about the whole family.

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“She was like as long as it is not your show it is our show. And I was like snapppppp. So I just told her, you know what? We will just make sure that this is gonna be all about us, it’s not about Betty Kyallo,  it’s a great platform for all of us to shine. Why not,” She added.

Gloria on the other hand says that her sisters help her deal with problems that comes with being famous.

“I think it’s really taking a toll on my life because I’m not really having a lot of time to spend with my friends and obviously the person that I’m dating so yeah it’s really different. Yeah so far, I’m really getting used to it and my sisters are really teaching me a lot of things as you can see,” Gloria said.

By Emmaline Owuor