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Betty Kyallo’s alleged Somali Bae breaks Silence

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On Friday KOT unveiled the face alleged to be media personality Betty Kyallo’s alleged boyfriend.

In a series of tweets, the man identified as Alinur Mohamed found himself trending with KOT saying that he is dating the TV siren.

Under the hash tag #TheSomaliGuy KOT shared a series of phots of the aspiring politician linking him to Betty Kyallo.

After hitting the trending streets, Alinur was forced to break his silence refuting the allegations that he is dating Betty Kyallo.

The aspiring Politician revealed that he has a family and asked KOT to respect his space and that of both Betty and Dennis Okari.

“The information being spread around lacks facts and is being spread by individuals who have malicious personal interests. My happiness doesn’t come from other people’s misfortune. It’s important that Kenyans know the Truth. I have a Family that I love so much. I am therefore asking those purporting that I am the mysterious Somali Guy to have some respect for my family, Betty Kyallo’s family, Dennis Okari and myself. Please I am not the Somali Guy.” he wrote

His response comes days after Media personality Ken Mijungu in an online post revealed that there was a certain Somali guy who was by Betty’s side when her daughter fell ill last year.

Betty be honest, Okari and even Naomi were there for Ivanna from the day we learnt of her illness and were by her side day and night. At Nairobi hospital Betty blocked my access to the ward cubicle where Ivanna was only allowing Dennis in. I stayed by the glass doors from 11am to 2pm watching Ivanna who I must say was very sick. Okari remained inside all that while with Betty and was joined later by Betty’s mum and sister Gloria. I understood her action because it was about the baby. I left at about 2pm. For every single day that followed from that day on Okari was at the hospital day and night with his daughter, To deliberately paint him as irresponsible is immoral my friend. You don’t have to correct the impression you have created because the Somali guy is by your side but at-least be honest” wrote Mijungu


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