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Beware Of Love Scammers, DCI Warns

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By Steve Osaka

The Directorate Of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has warned young ladies on social media seeking to find love to be wary of fraudsters.

The report was made after the sleuths noticed an increasing number of young women falling in the trap of finding a good life abroad as portrayed by their online suitors.

In the latest scenario, a victim was lured to believe she had been sent an iPhone and a laptop from abroad.

A number called her in the pretext of being a customs agent from the airport where she was asked to pay Ksh. 52,000 as duty before she collects her gift.

Little did the woman know that it was a con game, upon arrival at the airport the number of the said agent was switched off.

It is these cases that are reported daily at the criminal desk and now caution is being sent so as to avert similar situations.

Preliminary investigations indicate that the culprits mainly operate from Kisumu and Kiambu where messages are dispatched to their potential victims in the hope of making a killing from their hard-earned money.

Apparently, it is not only women who are scammed, men also fall into the trap.


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